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The Krauskopf family’s journey from Mt. Shasta, California to Lake Arenal in the mid-90s marked the beginning of an incredible adventure. Starting with the simple act of making sausages and selling them from the back of a truck, they quickly realized the immense popularity of their delectable creations. The long lines of eager customers stretching as far as the eye could see laid the foundation for what would become the renowned restaurant known as Caballo Negro.

Monika and Wille, proud parents of triplet daughters, arrived in Costa Rica with a vision to make a difference. The name “Lucky Bug” came about as their daughters tried to describe a ladybug, but it kept coming out as “Lucky Bug.” Inspired by their desire to rescue and support animals, the family ventured into the world of art, establishing the Lucky Bug Gallery. Their aim was to finance their animal welfare efforts through the sale of art pieces. Today, the gallery is celebrated throughout Costa Rica, showcasing a diverse array of Costa Rican art, ceramics, sculptures, and unique treasures not found elsewhere.

With the passing of Willie and the triplets venturing into their own lives, Monika stands as the driving force behind the thriving gallery, restaurant, and bed and breakfast. Lucky Bug has become more than just a destination to stay at their charming bed and breakfast; it has also become a prominent landmark on the main route around Lake Arenal. Travelers journeying between the Atlantic and the Pacific in the Northern zone find Lucky Bug to be an ideal stopping point, offering a warm welcome and a chance to immerse themselves in the unique ambiance created by Monika’s unwavering dedication.

As Monika carries the torch forward, Lucky Bug Gallery, Restaurant Caballo Negro, and the bed and breakfast continue to flourish, enchanting visitors with their extraordinary offerings. It remains a testament to the family’s remarkable spirit, their commitment to animal welfare, and their unyielding passion for art, hospitality, and the vibrant community they have nurtured.

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The world famous Lucky Bug Gallery/ B&B is an excellent stopover for tourists, locals and Costa Rican art enthusiasts. This Costa Rica business for sale offers the new owner an art gallery, restaurant and bed and breakfast as a thriving Costa Rica business opportunity.