• Breakfasts

      Monika is known for providing the best breakfasts in the Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica area.

    • Eggs - Fried, Scrambled or Poached


      Includes fresh fruit, Monika's homemade delicious potatoes, toast and jelly, and Coffee/tea and juice

    • French Toast (No potatoes)

      French Toast (No potatoes)


      Served with fresh fruit, coffee/tea, and juice.

    • Huevos Rancheros

      Huevos Rancheros


      Tortillas with black beans, eggs, and Monika's special salsa and topped with cheese. Includes fresh fruit, coffee/tea and juice. (no potatoes)

    • Corned Beef Hash and Eggs

      Corned Beef Hash and Eggs


      Monika's homemade corned beef brined with spices from Germany and the U.S.. Served with fresh fruit, toast and jelly, coffee/tea and juice.

    • Organic Spinach Omelette with Cheese

      Organic Spinach Omelette with Cheese


      With fresh fruit, Monika's special potatoes, coffee/tea, and juice.

    • Sides

      Add sides to your breakfast.

    • Bacon

    • Monika's Special Potatoes

    • Salads

      Monika's favorite

    • Mixed Green Salad - Small


      Your choice of dressing.

    • Mixed Green Salad - Large


      Your choice of dressing.

    • Caesar Salad

      Caesar Salad


      Caesar dressing and toasted garlic bread.

    • Curried Chicken Salad

      Curried Chicken Salad


      Choice of dressing.

    • Add Avocado to Salads

    • Add Chicken To Salads


      With Caesar dressing and toasted garlic bread.

    • Sandwiches

      You won't go away hungry

    • Krautsausage with Potatoes


      Sausage with Monika's homemade sauerkraut on a bun accompanied by her potatoes.

    • Reuben with Potatoes

      Reuben with Potatoes


      Monika's homemade corned beef and sauerkraut served on black bread with homemade potatoes.

    • German Entrees

      Monika is German, so have some Schitzel.

    • Weiner Schnitzel


      Chicken breast pounded thin, egg washed and breaded, pan fried and served with Monika's homemade sauerkraut, and spaetzle (small dumplings of a type made in southern Germany and Alsace, consisting of a seasoned dough poached in boiling water, then pan fried just before serving.)

    • Jaeger Schnitzel


      Weiner Schnitzel topped with a sauteed mushroom and red wine reduction gravy.

    • Ziguener Schnitzel


      Wiener Schnitzel with sauteed onions and bell peppers in a spicy gravy.

    • Chicken Tropicale


      Breaded chicken breast with a slice of fresh grilled pineapple and topped with a spicy mangy sauce, spaetzle, and vegetables.

    • Pastas and Chicken

      This includes some vegetarian choices.

    • Pasta Marinara


      Penne Pasta with our homemade marinara sauce topped with parmesan cheese, fresh basil and oregano from our garden.  (on the spicy side)

    • Pasta with Homemade Macadamia Nut Pesto

      Pasta with Homemade Macadamia Nut Pesto


      This pesto is made with locally grown macadamia nuts from right here in Nuevo Arenal.  Topped with parmesan cheese, fresh basil and oregano from our garden.

    • Eggplant Parmesan


      Eggplant over pasta topped with marinara sauce, parmesan cheese, fresh basil, and oregano from our garden.  This is our most popular vegetarian dish.  (we can leave off the cheese if vegan.

    • Beverages

      Compliment your meal with your favorite beverage.

    • Coffee, Tea or Espresso

    • Soft Drinks and Fruit Juice

    • Double Espresso

    • Latte or Cappucino

    • Fresh Fruit Smoothies


      Ask for flavors available.

    • Beer

    • Wine


      Red or White

    • Desserts

      Top your meal off with something sweet.

    • German Apple Strudel

    • Chocolate Rum Balls